Cycling together

Seestadt Aspern is our home and we feel happy here. So of course the local cycling community is very important to us. We try to offer leisure activities outside of the normal day-to-day business in the bike café. E.g. guided trips or multi-day bike tours. To get as many people as possible as enthusiastic about cycling as we are. See you there!

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We don't party enough!

Unfortunately, the pandemic has slowed down the bike industry somewhat after an initial high.

Our team has done a great job over the past 2 years. Unfortunately, we still had to part with great people and employees and we are also forced to adapt to the circumstances.

It's all the nicer when you leave work behind and just enjoy the moment in good company. In this case, we were looking for a table football on the roof of our neighboring company in Seestadt Andi.


Reich durch Radeln Podcast bei United In Cycling

Text: Jan Killian
Klaus und Jan vom Podcast "Reich durch Radeln" haben uns besucht und uns diesen Text dagelassen. Den Link zum ganzen Interview zum Anhören findet ihr unten.

Julian, Patrick und Fernanda hatten den Traum vom Fahrradcafé – acht Jahre später sind sie United in Cycling und vereinen Räder, Kaffee, Mehlspeisen, Radkurse und Werkstatt in ihrem Kinderfahrrad- und Kuchenkompetenz-Cluster, in der Seestadt Aspern, dem großstädtischen Experimentierfeld im fernen Osten Wiens.

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Episode 7: When passionate cyclists meet a passionate hostess, everyone feels at home. From Anna's hostel to a beautiful waterfall.

Watch the video here: GREECE 07 Anna's truth to happiness