#About us

We serve bicycles and coffee

Every person should be happy. This is why we strive to make cycling into an even more delightful experience. At our store you can get bicycles and accessories, as well as coffee and cake. We take care of your bicycles, hearts and appetites. Let us pamper and inspire you. That has been our passion since we were kids.


Customer service in times of pandemic at United In Cycling

One of our top priorities is to provide excellent service to each and every one of our customers. Whether it's the first bike or an upgrade to the next size, we want to make it possible for every child to have a bike.

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#Kids Subscription

Basic Bike Skills – Wir radeln in den Winter!

Es wird kälter, die Tage werden kürzer, aber wir geben wir uns noch lange nicht geschlagen: Wir nutzen das verbleibende Tageslicht, ziehen die Radhandschuhe an und starten nochmal durch!

Unser Herbst-Kursangebot für Große und Kleinere Bikefans wurde mit offenen Armen angenommen und schon ist es wieder vorbei... Aber hey, einen haben wir noch: Am 20. Oktober starten wir den nächsten Basic Bike Skills Kurs und radeln der Seestadt trotz sinkender Temperaturen nochmal kräftig um die Nase!

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New home for our workshop

Our workshop has found a new home. From now on you can find our mechanics located directly in the pedestrian zone at Eva-Maria-Marzucco Platz 1. This means our workshop is closer to our bike store and café (subway station at Wangari-Maathai Platz).


Colorful outdoor space

We are happy to welcome you in our new, colorful and green outdoor sitting garden.

Hopefully you like it as much as we do - we have put a lot of thought into how our gateway to Seestadt can feel friendly and inviting.

It will take a little more time for the plants to climb to the top, but it already brings us more green and pleasant scents.



Episode 7: When passionate cyclists meet a passionate hostess, everyone feels at home. From Anna's hostel to a beautiful waterfall.

Watch the video here: GREECE 07 Anna's truth to happiness



Arriving on foot, by bike or by public transport:
Wangari-Maathai-Platz 3, 1220 Vienna


In case you arrive by car, we recommend the Seehub parking garage (right next to the subway line) - from the parking deck you can take the elevator directly to our shop on the first floor.
BOE Parking Seehub, Sonnenallee 16, 1220 Vienna

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